• Do mediums have a reflective memory?

    The general trend i wish to follow is to reflect on topics that i encounter in my day. These topics may be from my discussions with peers, happenings from the day or glitches in my thought process. I would start a post with the topic and leave it till midnight. This will help me gather thoughts and explainations. I believe this would help me write better.

    Today’s question is do mediums have a reflective memory. I would like to define medium as anything that supports a conversation between people. It may be programs like WhatsApp, Social networking websites, emails or Virtual Reality spaces. The goal here is to understand if people tend to remember things differently based on mediums.

    Let me think about it and write by tonight. If you have something to contribute feel free to get in touch.



  • The place for some things

    Welcome to the new place. I call this my “Recycle bin” . The thoughts, reflections and all kind of garbage my brain generates goes here. The place is called a Recycle bin and not a trash can . Words are powerful and hence the recycle bin kind of affords having stuff that may be relevant in the future. But the name trash can can, I feel be demeaning in some sense.

    Expect some unfinished posts. I kind of had given up on writing, but I feel, It is a nice medium through which I reflect upon. I am knowingly not linking it to the main blog and initially would like these writing to be in limited circulation. I will follow a Vomit and Edit style with a constant aim to achieve a more structured form .

    I am concerned that I might write things that might offend some people (including myself in another times) and I will be very careful to attack the idea and not the person. This brings me to another challenge i wish to add to my already dense timetable. That is to reflect upon something for the next, say 10 days, in about 500 words. It can be an idea i had, an opinion i might like to share or some rants i might have, waiting to add another drop to the ranty internet.

    This, I feel ,(not convincingly though) should demand some constructive feedback. Hence, I urge anyone who is reading this to please write back to me via email - indiantinker [at] gmail . I have not setup a disqus here because, I feel the content demands better means to reach back than cold, mundane and often hastily done comments. Please be kind. I am an INFP-T type and might take time to reflect back.

    Also, please forgive me of any grammatical error or spelling mistakes, that may occour. I will try less of it and proof read atleast a couple of times.

    As far as the tech specs go! Its nothing great. I am using a whiteglass theme and writing using a Jekyll static site generator . The fonts are Karla for everything except content and Space Mono for everything else. My primary choice was to use a monospace font as I feel they are very mechanical in nature. This nature, restricts the font to be very expressive and directs more attention to the content. Further, It reminds me of the “typewriter” era, where once a mistake is done, it can never be truly corrected on the same paper. Spoken sounds that make up words have a similar feature. A canon of words is fired and things change. I wanted the text to have such an archaic feel. Atleast, even as an abstraction, it demonstrates that power of words. On a side note, the font has a nice ‘fl’ and ‘fi’ ligature (maybe more ) and an adorable ‘y’ . To match the spacy and relaxed nature of monospace font with a compatible sans-serif, I chose Karla.

    If the yellow highlight hurts, It is another step to assert some tangibility. These, in some way, should connect to the original name - Recycle Bin !

    Good !